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Quote: Originally Posted by akabane_k View Post
id laugh if it was a guy too; its about the pistol whipping, not the gender
If I could +1 this a millions times, I would.

Also, is OP playing the same SWTOR that I am? Because I don't see any He-Man Women Hater's Clubs around here.

All joking aside, to be fair to OP, I can understand how the actions of some anonymous dirtbags in a random FP would upset you. That being said, The Internet Is Not A Nice Place. I think that bears repeating, The Internet Is Not A Nice Place. If I got upset over every time I heard a joke about mental illness, for example, I'd be too upset and offended to get anything done. It sucks that you had to put up with it, but it's sort of an expectation in what is basically the virtual Wild West. If you need to protect yourself from all injury and stay in "safe spaces", there are plenty of them online available for you, and there are probably guilds that cater to it as well. Random FPs aren't all rainbows and sunshine, and I get way more terrible ones than good ones. Consider running with a "safe space" guild if you random at all

I think your comments about sexism or misogyny within the game itself (the cutscene in particular) are way off base, though. Like others have said, I find the violence in this game to be pretty non-discriminatory. You're not beating the captain up because she's a woman, you're beating her up because she just tried to blow up her ship in an attempt to stop your takeover. You're punishing an enemy officer for their defiance, not because of their gender. Let's remember that this also occurs in a scene where the dark side option is to execute everyone on the bridge via firing squad. How is smacking a captain around more heinous and upsetting than gunning down multiple people? I'm not trying to be facetious, I'm actually curious as to why you find pistol-whipping someone more offensive than taking the lives of multiple persons.

Quote: Originally Posted by FridgeLM View Post
If you have to type that much analysis about a couple of morons and try to assign blame to the nondiscriminatory violence in a video game cutscene, you need better things to do with your time.

Yes they are. If the captain were a man we'd hear complaints that not enough women are represented in positions of authority or presented as capable.

There's literally no way to win with social justice warriors.
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