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09.15.2013 , 02:05 AM | #172
Im in the application process of PAX atm. Im here to post my thoughts and the impressions I made during this time.

When Blamm'o asked me, if Im interested in joining PAX and she told me about the application process, I thoughtI was asked by some other guilds to join them and wouldnt have to do an application process. So it took some time til I finally decided to run through the application. And I must say, I dont regret this decision. It was great to meet new ppl and make new friends.

The people in guild are a nice bunch of ppl and it has been always fun to be on TS with them. They are really calm and mature player, but also fun loving ppl. There was always something going on and always had ppl to do something together in game, pvp as well as pve (though I basically pvp).
I never saw drama going on or someone rage quitting, even when we got our asses kicked really bad in pvp. Its a group of ppl who work together, helping out others while lvling and grouping up for different things in game. Some of them also like RP and there are good singers in guild
They have regular events going on like Raids, pvp-events and soon to come also a Karaoke night.
Its a well populated guild and even me as a Euro saw always ppl on, so there a guildies on all the time.

So thanks for all of you PAX for the fun in the last 2 weeks.