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09.14.2013 , 08:34 PM | #473
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Vepres,Kishekzun,Álec, tell me please,how you deal so big damage with bad gear and 0 crit rating? I don't understand...When I switch my implant (accuracy+crit) to another implant (accuracy+power) - I take 25-26% for every combat try. But your crit in logs= 30%+. And again: I don't understand this)
Well I don't understand that you don't understand. Your record parse deals somewhat the same DPS as mine, your overall crit is even higher than mine and your gear is very similar so... I don't get your point.
In my case it's simple though - I do tons of parses and I don't post logs that have bad RNG on anything, so kinda like everyone else on this board.
Whether 0 crit is good or bad I really can't say as I never bothered testing it.

Btw my gear isn't bad, its pretty standard for this board.