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I have to say, I really wish the final boarding party convo didn't have the "someone shut this woman up" option. Every freaking time (okay, 95% of the time) when I do that flashpoint and don't win the roll, I have to hear that stupid line and watch the guys in my group LOL about woman-beating. Okay, I get it, it's a game. They're playing evil characters. They do a lot of killing and whatnot, so simply getting hit shouldn't matter. But there's a difference, and the fact that so many guys get such a kick out of watching a woman get pistol-whipped really makes me kind of sick and despair of humanity. Because here's the thing, guys: it's not funny. No, really, it's not.
For every instance of a woman being pistol-whipped in a cutscene in ToR, there are at least 10 scenes in which men get: pistol-whipped, rifle stock to the face, take brutal barehanded beatings (not just fist to the face/gut. Brutal, continuous beatings, like in the Imperial Agent storyline episode where (s)he's given the option to execute an enemy. Just pure sadism).

Double standard much? Men have always been the expendable gender throughout both, history and popular culture. You don't hear men moaning about that.

As far as kids giggling about woman-beating - who cares? They're just dumb teens/manchildren. Woman-beating is a taboo-subject in modern culture, and it's natural for immature people to challenge taboos, to approve or encourage challenging taboos. Their opinions are, in the long run, inconsequential.
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