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Sounds interesting:

Name: Gorvlak San

Birthplace: Balmorra

Age: 30

Occupation: Head of SanStar Security Corporation.

Bio: Gorvlak San was born with a strange talent: He could see ten seconds into the future, constantly. This became apparent when he was able to subdue an a Stormtrooper at age 8. Realizing his son was strong in the Force, his father went with him to Coruscant to try and uncover Jedi holocrons, so that he may receive training. However, Stormtroopers were there ahead of him, killing his father and forcing Gorvlak into exile in the streets of the Coruscant underworld. He eventually grew into a cold-hearted individual, starting his own security business. By the time he was 28, he decided to strike out with his company to rise to the top, becoming a wild-card faction in the Galactic Civil War before fading into obscurity. Now, he seeks revenge on both sides: The Imperial Remnants, for his father's death, and the Galactic Alliance, for accepting their surrender.
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