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I sympathize with the OP who apparently ran into some pretty awful people. While I don't think most people who choose that dialogue option do it for misogynistic reasons, I guess I can see how it empowers certain pathetic individuals, and even though I'm not a woman, I would also feel very uncomfortable in that situation.

Would have reported them for what they said and the fact that they kicked you for no good reason.

I won't be picking that option in the future I think. To me it's just another annoying NPC so the thought that it has anything to do with beating women in general never really crossed my mind. However, if it's perceived this way, I'll pick something else.
This is pretty much my viewpoint too. I think it's much more about the people you were playing with than the situation. To be honest, I would have left the group the second that gang rape joke came up. I'm not a particularly feminist woman, but that sort of thing is never funny.

But asking Bioware to change something because a minority of freak losers get a kick out of it that they shouldn't isn't right either. Because they would have to get rid of all the violence against men too, to be fair to everyone. The majority of the people that play don't get that sort of enjoyment out of it, and games should not have to remove stuff because of the ones that do. That goes for everything in life in my opinion.