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09.14.2013 , 08:36 AM | #16
Can't say I ever viewed the flashpoint dialogue that way, but the behaviour of the people in that group is disgusting. You lasted longer than I did, at least. I'd have bailed at the 'hurr hurr let's rape her' bullcrap.

As for the responsibility of the dialogue, well. Again, I'd not go so far as to say it's mysognistic myself, but I would venture that Empire choices, in general, seem to have a lot more involving individual suffering - torturing and murdering people for no apparent reason, gloating whilst you do it - than Republic does, and whilst I'm not going to make any generalisations on Empire playerbases and say it's true of everyone or even a majority, them seemingly attracting certain kinds of people is one of the major reasons I demoted my characters there to singleplayer content.