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09.14.2013 , 03:39 AM | #10
so what, remove any scenes that involve the beating of women? this is an empire that practices genocide, slavery, racism and other pointless cruelties. Does it seem at all realistic for them to decide to not hit women, especially their enemy that was about to kill them all?
Or should we just remove female antagonists entirely, since the rape comments started when she first showed up. Then people would complain bioware was being sexist.

basically, you can't control other people, and censorship doesn't work.

If something offends you, spacebar through it or close chat. Being offended doesn't mean that you have a right to have things changed to suit your tastes

And out of curiosity, is the cutscene is false emperor where you can choke the animoid, anti-male or anti-alien? I'm thinking of making a sarcastic complaint.