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i am really enjoying this event , and have seen people shouting in general chat for a group for the kingpin bounties, ...

this has me wondering , does the whole group need the bounty token for that same kingpin?

or does just 1 person need the bounty token , yet the whole group gets the rep / title awarded for that kingpin?

i have enough tokens to take 3 kingpin bounties at the moment , and if i bust a gut and farm all my 11 alts that could do it , i could get a lot more , but i need to know if i can share exp / rep etc with a grp and do 3 or 4 kingpins as a guild group , or if i have to bust my butt to aquire as many tokens as possible to share them among our group so each can buy one and we get one kingpin done ? ......

sorry if thats confusing to some , but if you do get what i mean , and know the answer , it would be greatly appreciated .......
Each person would have to have purchased the kingpin unlock on that character for them to get credit for it. I believe the mission could be shared with anyone who has purchased the unlock bit forgotten to pick up the mission from the terminal.

That doesn't stop you from helping guildies with their kingpins, as you can still help them kill (and stop dpsing before 5% if they need the capture) their bounty. Last night, I helped a guildmate with his kingpin bounty on Coruscant, then he helped me with mine on Nar Shadaa. One thing to keep in mind, all bounties (and any angry shady characters) will be the level of the highest level group member. So, if you want to help anyone who is more than 5 levels lower, it's best to not be in a group when the bounty spawns.