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Um what? So your saying my 6k+ Discharge and my 5k+ Shock isn't bursty? Oh wait I've got three stacks of Recklessness, Voltaic slash x2, Shock again.
Sins don't 'rely' on maul for burst. Yes it is a big part of their rotation but Crits on Discharge and Shock are just as nasty. Add to the fact that Maul is highly unpredictable when in comes to the RNG and you end up with a 4-5K one instead of 9k.
No its not bursty considering its not 100 percent reliable crt especially when it can b negated with a stun or blocked completely. And 11k crit on a 1 plus minute timer that isnt a guarantee is crap

Besides nobody can seem to explain why sins parse 500 dps lower than other classes? If that isnt gimp the. Idk what is but all you sins are fine people cherry pick your arguement and ignore the parses. 10k reckless crit on someone that has over 30k hp doesnt matter when all your followups out of stealth moves suck so bad omg spam voltaic for 2k crit if your lucky