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09.13.2013 , 06:26 AM | #21
i am really enjoying this event , and have seen people shouting in general chat for a group for the kingpin bounties, ...

this has me wondering , does the whole group need the bounty token for that same kingpin?

or does just 1 person need the bounty token , yet the whole group gets the rep / title awarded for that kingpin?

i have enough tokens to take 3 kingpin bounties at the moment , and if i bust a gut and farm all my 11 alts that could do it , i could get a lot more , but i need to know if i can share exp / rep etc with a grp and do 3 or 4 kingpins as a guild group , or if i have to bust my butt to aquire as many tokens as possible to share them among our group so each can buy one and we get one kingpin done ? ......

sorry if thats confusing to some , but if you do get what i mean , and know the answer , it would be greatly appreciated .......
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