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730 DPS sounds low. If you are in full 72s, you should do more than that. As an example I'm a jugg tank doing NiM content and I usually average between 900-1200 dps during boss fights. This is in full tanking gear (ie endurance crystal, guardian hilt / armoring etc). How much DPS I put out relates to if there are boss switches / how long I get to stay on the boss, as rage becomes and issue when I'm not tanking the boss.

Definitively no. You are a tank, and you should gear as a tank. If DPS is the issue, then your damage dealers should take a look at their rotation and set up, not you. Btw, what is their DPS? A lot of the fights in NiM have DPS checks.

Again no. Taunts always hits, and so does your aggro-building attacks, ie. Smash / Chrushing Blow / Retaliation / Ravage / Backhand.
I dont have any aggro issues. Dmg of our DDs is between 2,4k - 2,7k DPS.
Do u use dmg trinkets or ap relics? What is your apm? Can u send me a torparselink? Maybe you can send me a pm or post it here how you get that high dps. Some tipps on rotatioin or keybinds on mous and keyboard?