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I've been raiding since just after release in this game and maintenance has never been an issue because it was always on the scheduled maintenance day (Tuesday). Because of this we raided Wed/Thur/Sun. Too easy!

BUT... Over the last month there has been maintenance almost every Wednesday and a few Thursdays. Since it falls right in the middle of our peak raiding time these unscheduled patches (even if it's only 2 hours) wipe out an entire day of raiding for us. That's the issue.
As I said in the post above.. Things happen and bugs appear, that require a maintenance on a day other than Tuesday.. There really is nothing to complain about.. Welcome to life playing an online game..

I again, fail to see why people get their knickers in a bunch over this.. There isn't a single gaming company that writes bug free software.. In fact there is no company that writes bug free software.. Yes they are a pain.. They are certainly an annoyance..

Are they worth complaining about?? No... Are they worth creating a thread over?? No.. Common sense should tell anyone that this stuff is bound to happen.. Over all it doesn't happen all that often.. At least they are actively fixing bugs and trying to give us the best gaming experience..

I am sorry this effects people's raiding schedule.. But I would rather miss a day or two of raiding here and there, than have to live with bugs..

You all should read the patch notes.. Yes there are reasons we had an unscheduled maintenance..

As for notice?? Even if it is just a few hours, I have never seen them do a patch without some kind of notice.. Even short notice.. These are unintended and unscheduled maintenances..
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