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This is the issue - maintenance on days other than Tuesday. All people are asking for is a little lead time so they can schedule raids around the maintenance. Not too much to ask.
Actually, yes is it.. Since they only patch on days other than Tue. to fix important issues.. Things that come up unintended.. However, I have never seen them do an unscheduled maintenance without any kind of notice at all.. Sure it may only be a few hours when we get it.. But the notice there.. Their priority is maintaining this game for the entire population, to make sure that everything works as intended.. Not to make sure you have enough lead time to schedule your raids accordingly.. Honestly..

Also.. Do not talk for the people.. You are asking.. Not the people.. Most other people have the common sense to be aware that these things happen in an online game.. Just saying..

Seriously.. I find it hard to believe that people are leaving your guild because of maintenance.. That would be one of the lamest things a person could do.. Maintenance effects everyone and every guild.. So seriously.. If the maintenance is destroying your guild?? You are better off without them..

These things happen and there really is no need to cry about them.. Losing a raid night here and there isn't a big deal.. If it is, then you really need to get a life..
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