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The Del’ay’atth Dak’nar’etth
The Dark Ones with no Soul

Names: Lords Jurnus, Taruk, Ambivula, and Karasim
Age: over 5,000 years
Homeworld: Korriban
Species: Unknown, legends state either human or Sith

“We have transcended beyond this mortal plane.” – Lord Jurnus

The history of the Del’ay’atth Dak’nar’etth is one shrouded in mystery, although all the cultures that tell tales of them were once controlled by the Old Sith Empire it is not easy to discern truth from fiction. What is known for sure though is that these four Sith lords were among the most powerful in whatever time they lived within the empire. Although circumstances differ in these tales, they eventually ended up on the outlying planet of Turumar on the fringes of the Empire, where they succeeded in breaking away from the Empire. On Turumar they perfected themselves, or at least they did so in their own eyes. Ridding themselves of their physical forms and existing in a form not physical yet not entirely spirit either. Turumar became a taboo world no one who set foot on it ever returned, but on the world itself the last relics of the Sith Empire remained hidden coming out only if they felt an unwanted presence on their world.

“We are what you fear most.” – Lord Karasim
Masters of Sith Alchemy- the whole planet of Turumar has succumbed to there will
Drain essence
Extensive telekinetics
Force Corrupt
Force Fear- masters of terror, their very presence can bring one to their knees
Force Plague
Force choke
Force Bond
Battle precognition

Since they lack a true physical form they can pass through objects without harm and are naturally invisible to the eye, only visible by the robes they wear.

Lightsaber skills: Each of the Lords has perfected a form of combat. Lord Jurnus is a master of Djem So. Lord Taruk mastered Juyo, whilst Lord Ambivula mastered Niman, and Lord Karasim mastered Makashi.

“We fight as one.” – Lord Ambivula


Were able to successfully break away from the Sith Empire to such a degree that no one went near them.
Subjugated a whole planets ecosystem to their will.
Were able to break the chains of their mortal bodies and live in a wraith-like state.
Are able to exist in the netherworld of the Force and the mortal galaxy.
Toyed around with anyone who landed on their world until either driving them insane or killing them.
Wow, you just got my vote
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