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It's the tight *** nature of this entire affair that really annoys me, when something is broken in the Cartel market, they have it fixed in an hr because it affects them...
While I agree with the sentiment, perhaps a little bit of reality might be useful here:

Issues with the Cartel Market are fixed quickly (as are issues with account billing, account login, and service denial) because they are directly related to customer revenue, and errors or mishandling of customer payment or the inability to access the service is subject to legal complaint. Should anyone actually initiate a legal complaint for non-delivery of goods/services, the legal costs would immediately soak up the subscription costs of dozens of players, and they would still incur all the costs of fixing it.

As annoying as it is, your recurring subscription billing is not given the same level of protection, as it is tied to a Service Level Agreement which states that outages will occur and there is no guarantee of availability for any particular amount of time.

So, in the end, the result is that they (or any service, really) would rather lose you and a few dozen other customers than have to settle a single lawsuit. Someone purchasing something with Cartel Coins but never getting the item can generate that sort of lawsuit. You not being able to run a raid, or having some Boss bug out and make your Ops wipe cannot generate a lawsuit. The practical reality is that the Cartel Market is simply more important (in that respect) than your gameplay. They fix the CM immediately because they have to in order to avoid legal issues.

Annoying, definitely. Disheartening, sure. Disgusting in how it allows litigious idiots to screw over reasonable people: yup. But until your campaign to change international contract law succeeds, this is simply the way the world works.