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Correction: Meatbag Readers.


Waresh halted the Devaronian when he witnessed HK explode into action, single-handedly wiping out an entire group of crazed Imperials with practiced ease. Both Gault and Mako paled.
“We’ll leave that one alone,” Waresh informed the two. “Focus on the target. The droid will fall in line once the Sith is contained.”


“That really warms my heart,” Gault leaned against the rocky outcropping with a heartfelt sigh. “Sadly, it does nothing to fill my pockets.”


Pipsy whirled on the two and stamped her foot, babbling in something Ignite didn’t understand. She threw her head back and let loose what sounded like a Jawa’s evil cackle.
“The witch has realized the Pipsqueak is connected to the Force,” Khem gestured.
Ignite blinked. “She’s in my Jawa?”
“Can we get her out?”
“I am not sure, Master.”
Ignite frowned when he noted Pipsy, or Zash, raise her hands. The Sith Lord felt the Force ruffle around him and his robes moved slightly by a passing gust of wind.
“Yeah…” Ignite trailed off. “I haven’t taught Pipsy how to control the Force quite yet, Zash.”
Pipsy stomped her foot.
“Okay, time for time-out,” Ignite muttered, snapping his fingers. Khem hefted the possessed Jawa by the collar and followed his Master out of the tomb. “HK is going to have a field day with this,” Ignite muttered, reaching up to his ear to contact the droid. There was static on the line for a brief second. “HK.” Ignite winced when he heard the dying scream of a man blaring in his ear.
Query: Yes, Master?
“Having fun?”
Amused Acknowledgement: Yes, Master.
“We have a—complication.”
Intrigued Inquiry: Can you elaborate, Master?
“The Pipsqueak is possessed.”
There was silence on the other end of the com. Finally, HK spoke. Remorseful Realization: This unit cannot laugh because I have no programming to assist me.
“Pipsy can install that, you know,” Ignite informed hopefully.
Emphatic Statement: We must repair the Pipsqueak at once.
“He’s really easy to manipulate,” Ignite whispered to Khem.
Agitated Retort: I heard that, Master.
Ignite winced.
Assurance: But this unit still wishes to fix the Pipsqueak.
“Well that’s awfully nice of you—“ Ignite was cut off.
Interruption: So I can liquidate her.
Ignite smacked his forehead. “Always a catch…”

Two things:

1) I just spit coffee all over my laptop LMAO.
2) How do they get Zash out of Pipsy?

Also... the fact that the crew of the greatest Hunter in the galaxy basically shat themselves when they saw HK in action is freaking hilarious.
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