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I am not sure where the issue is... Maintenance times for all servers has been the same since the game launched... Nothing has changed.. When the APAC servers were there, guess what?? Maintenance was at the exact same time it is on every other server.. Now that the APAC servers are gone, guess what?? Maintenance is at the exact same time it is on every other server..

Typically speaking there is a post at the top of the general forum 2 or 3 days in advance warning about maintenance times.. The game launcher usually has a warning about the maintenance on the day before the maintenance..

I am just not sure what the issue is.. Maintenance times haven't changed.. If you are raiding during a designated maintenance window, then that is your fault..

Yes, some weeks to fix bugs, emergency maintenance days occur.. So what?? I see no reason to complain about that.. If one of you feel that you can write an MMO of this quality and scope that will be bug and maintenance free.. Be my guest.. Otherwise, I am not sure what you have to complain about except to complain just to complain..

I have play WOW for almost 6 years.. I have played this one since launch.. If I had a nickel for every time I missed a raid or OP due to maintenance.. Life for me would be a lot easier..

Seriously guys.. Lighten up.. It is just a game.. To err is human.. At least they are fixing the bugs.. You can't fault them for that..
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