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Crafting is a time and money sink if you are looking to make money of it. I think it costs about 400k to max 1 skill. And you won't be making any real money unless you RE some high level mods / barrels / enhancements. If you want to make money, just get 3 gatherer skills (bioanalysis / scavenging / slicing) and sell the mats.

Cybertech used to be good, but now with the Planetary Commendations (where you can buy armorings / mods), the market has fallen out. Same thing with Artifice and crystals.
I respectfully disagree. The overarching question is what is the definition of "real money?" Obviously, your definition and mine do not correlate.

In the last month, I have made 4+ million credits crafting and selling grade 28 item modifications (armoring, mod, enhancement, augment, hilts) - the overwhelming majority of which are blue quality - and even some crafted dyes; not "top end" by any means. And my legacy's "net worth" is well over 16 million. To a lot of players that probably sounds a lot like "real money." To others that is just a drop in the bucket. It boils down to an individual player's needs.

Because my income greatly exceeds my expenses, that one million credits a week is a very good thing. But I am only running SM 55 Ops and my characters are already overgeared for that content, so I have little to spend my income on (nothing but gear repairs and running missions for materials). On the other hand, if someone is trying to gear up/optimize a character through the GTM because they are running HM and/or NiM Ops and need every little bit to progress, then that 1 million per week won't even scratch the surface. It is up to the individual to determine what he/she defines as "real money."

But it is also on the player to be realistic in their goals. Starting from nothing, setting one's goal at 100 million credits is not realistic. And, with respect, your advice only perpetuates players setting themselves up for disappointment.

Getting back to the OP, I agree with Morfius 100% - that CT is the way to go. With it you can craft armoring and mods and ear pieces for all your characters.

And while it is more expensive in materials, there is a synergy between REing ear pieces from CT, and implants from BC, and foci from ART for schematics and acquiring augment slot components to turn into augment slot kits with your AM, SW, and/or AT.