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09.11.2013 , 02:33 PM | #87
<Chosen> has officially picked this up! We're liking it for the most part .

A few comments:
- Still seeing issues with stealth classes, especially with their own views.
- Several fights show the DPS/TPS/HPS numbers continually going down. This has the unfortunate side effect of having it appear like raiders are under-performing when they may be doing just fine.
- A lot of times I see that my main 'raid' tab has become blank (usually 1 player in the group with all 0's) and I go to the drop down to try and go back to the last fight. When I do so, all I see is current fight at the bottom and the fight before the last fight 2nd to bottom. It is as if the parser considers us still to be in the 'current fight' but for some reason the stats have been blanked. It's possible that this was caused by players logging into alts without leaving parsec or switching instances/planets, not sure.
- When a player leaves the parser, their stats leave with them. This makes it difficult for officers to analyze the performance of the raid at their convenience. MoX provides this online, but I see no reason why the client couldn't just hold on to the raid numbers for later.
- It would be great to have the fight selection drop down able to just say the boss name that we're on like Torparse does...many fights have 10-20 different enemies in them and the boss isn't even listed first in many cases

Thanks for you hard work!
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