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Yeah I get that now, but now all we can do is kick ourselves for not waiting for it to go free... I mean it was $9.99 sure, everyone likes to focus on what a small amount of money that is. BUT ask me if I would rather pay something, or nothing, FREE wins every time! So give the CC to everyone! or no one! I don't want another title that will go unused, maybe Bioware owes us nothing (something I'm not 100% sure about) but they have to realize how many people they just pissed off by announcing RotHC going free this way!.....
way i see it, it's like buying a movie now or waiting til it's on cable and just recording it then >.>;
you pay now and get the enjoyment of it now, or you wait and enjoy it later for free -shrug-

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Your characterizing cartel coins as a refund is absolutely, 100% wrong.

A refund is cash back. They could spend it on a toaster or gas or a beer. Or even hold onto it and use it to buy the next expansion pack. That's a refund.

What they're actually being offered is an in-store credit that's not even going to be good to use to purchase the next expansion pack. If they are disinterested in the cartel market, the 1,050 CC's are beyond worthless to them.

That is, of course, unless they exercise their consumer rights (protected under the laws in the various regions SWTOR does business) and demand an actual refund.
an "in store credit" refund is still a refund.... if they're that hurt about it they can like you said get a cash refund.

myself personally i'm enjoying my unexpected CC i got that awesome imperial agent outfit thingy from the cartel market :3 and i made all my republic companions wear it x3 lol.

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They should have actually said refund instead of appreciation. I believe most (not all) would have understood that but using the word appreciation gives a bad impression that one set of subscribers is more valued than the other. They should have worded it where it was clear it was a refund and not clouded it with the word appreciation. They need to learn how to use words correctly.
english and politics does not seem to be their strong points....but then again EA did win the consumerist worst customer service 2 years in a row (which nobody has ever done before) so i think at this point they're just trying for a 3rd year in a row (now that the bar has been set they need to make sure they meet everyones expectations of a 3rd year in a row, keep up the prestige and all that )