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They should have actually said refund instead of appreciation. I believe most (not all) would have understood that but using the word appreciation gives a bad impression that one set of subscribers is more valued than the other. They should have worded it where it was clear it was a refund and not clouded it with the word appreciation. They need to learn how to use words correctly.
They can't say "refund" for the reason in my post immediately above yours. It's not a refund. A refund would be returning to the buyer what they gave for the product - cash (because you can't buy the expansion with cartel coins).

It's not a refund. It's an in-store credit, subject to all the limitations of an in-store credit.

Personally, if I had purchased the expansion within 30 days of the "free" date, I would demand the refund. I have no desire for any more cartel coins.