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Of course this is just a suggestion but if Bioware really cares bout their players why not take a serious thought about it? Its more content for MORE endgame players, more rewards and its already in the game (more or less)...
I disagree. Story mode content is very easy and accessible. It is also very forgivable. I believe ops should not have a lower tier flashpoint option. If people wish to see the current story mode operations it is easy to find a good guild, or even a good pug, to go with.

The intent of operations is to be a larger group with more work than a normal flashpoint. I believe the content you are looking for is already in the game. As flashpoints suit the needs of those who cant or dont want to put the effort into finding/forming a larger group.

I would honestly find it hard to believe that there are people who have the desire but are unable to complete a story mode operation.
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