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09.11.2013 , 06:52 AM | #484
Really? we are complaining about a $10 expansion pack that everyone who purchased at early access had access to for 6 months?

First off you are not "entitled" to anything, the agreement you accepted when you accepted the TOS etc is for Bioware to provide a product and give you access to it for the fee agreed on. Legally they don't even HAVE to offer you a refund, because the agreements do not include a "refund for whatever I feel i'm entitled to" clause. Bioware offered a product for a price, you purchased that product, they delivered it.

I suppose I should drive down to the dealership where I purchased my car and demand a refund since the model year has now depreciated in value and is being sold for less than I Bought it for.

Bottom Line, Rise was priced at $10 when you purchased it, its now depreciated in value and is now $0 dollars to people who pay monthly for the game.

Let me give you a little perspective for those of you who are complaining and are unfamiliar with what a real "rip off" scam is.

That OTHER Star Wars MMO, you remember it? Star Wars Galaxies? well any of you who played it remember Trials of Obi-Won.

a $20 expansion pack released on Nov 1, 2005, one that was advertised with content for all the wonderful classes SWG launched with, classes that on the SAME DAY as the xpac launch were REMOVED from the game by the infamous NGE after they had happily taken our money and promised us content for those classes, KNOWING all along they were going to remove them. a radical game overhaul like NGE doesn't happen in a week.

That is a willfully perpetrated scam if I've ever seen one.

Giving what amounts to a six month early access to an xpac for a piddly $10 bucks is NOT a willfully perpetrated scam, its called, well Early Access. It may not have been intended to be early access, but that's what it is.

But the bottom line is, they owe you absolutely nothing. You are "entitled" to exactly what the contract you signed with Bioware outlines, you pay, they give you a product. Loyalty rewards are a wonderful idea, but they are hardly required by law, No company has to offer you any kind of "loyalty" rewards. I dont get a discount on my gas just because I fill at the same station every time.

I would even possibly go so far as to say they DO owe people who bought the game within the last 30 days a refund because the decision was probably made within those 30 days and not announced till 3 days before it happens. But hat is of course my opinion, and im sure many will disagree.

What isn't is that purchases of Rise were a Business Transaction, that is all this is, not "arent we special, we stuck with you, now reward us". Your reward is that you get to keep playing the game your paying for and enjoying and they get to keep producing more content for it. Content they are now NOT charging subscribers for.