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09.11.2013 , 05:40 AM | #12
Personally I would go with Scoundrel for a new player.

1. Can take cover, thus reducing damage taken
2. Some nice close up abilities if you get in trouble ie : Blaster Whip, Dirty Kick, Flash grenade,Back Blast
3.If you are get in serious trouble you can use Disappearing act at level 22 (exit combat and disapper)
4.Take Dirty fighting tree for some nice DoT and Bleed Effects
5.Most importantly you can still be a back up healer even if you dont take the sawbones (healing tree)
6.Self stealth - VERY useful for soloing.

Granted you wont be super effective as a healer BUT you get some nice DPS abilities, extra heals never hurt in a party and you can take the time to learn about who to heal and when without the full responsibility for the party.

I am currently playing a Scoundrel (Level 23) and am in fact trying a hybrid of Dirty fighting and Sawbones. I mostly list as a DPS in Flashpoints but sometimes list as a healer to slowly get used to it.

Personally Tanks and Healers seem to get alot of blame in groups with DPS usually being immune from the blame as long as they dont jump the gun (heh) and attack before the Tank.