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If I might make a suggestion, don't make the same mistake many fellas make when they wish to bring their better half into a game, especially if they aren't regular gamers. Don't force her into being a healer. Healer classes can be stressful for new players due to the expectations placed on them to keep the group alive. My advice would be to let her choose her own class and you build your character around hers. It will keep the stress (and arguments) down and allow her to concentrate on beating the baddies down. If a healer is desirable use a companion or build a healer yourself (which you can keep her up and fighting instead of the other way). This may have the added effect of keeping her interest. Any class that is DPS ranged may be better suited for new players.
This is something to think about, for sure.

That said, my wife first played a healer in an MMO and thanks me every time we start a new MMO for teaching her at the start how to heal. Also, this MMO's healing classes have it *very* easy compared to some others.

If you start a BH/Powertech and your wife starts an IA/Operative, you get a healing companion very early and she can focus on DPSing if she likes, but will have the ability to heal if she wants to learn it. Best of both worlds, I'd say.