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Some of your ideas are a bit...wacky. Not sure why you'd want a tank to pull thrasher into your healers...since you don't tank switch that.
Most people tank swap on Trasher as the other tank goes up.

That being said I happened to tank 16-man HM Thrasher on Monday in crazy inter-guild group with at least one healer being really a sage DPS and I survived quite surprisingly even though we did it in tactics where guardian jumped up and I just stayed on boss at the gate. There were a few scary moments but I believe with healers knowing each other etc. it wouldn't be that hard. The only thing I did was respec for endurance talent for something like 38,5k health. So 16-man HM is not that much of a problem (although it still is much easier for a guardian or vanguard and much less dependent on carefully optimising gear).Based on my limited experience with 8-man NiM I can't see shadow tank in 16-man NiM for now. Maybe in full Kell Dragon gear from 8-man it would be possible though?
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