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09.11.2013 , 04:21 AM | #14
Why u all post did someone from Bioware ever respond on needs of community ?

I play now again for 4 weeks orso , I rarely see some GM or any other reaction from Bioware in forum or anywere else.

I only experienced maintenance after maintenance , a week ago i was happy to play 3 days on a row without maintenance.

Did euro's drop in value compared to dollars ( i don't think so , sick economy) , so please explain to me why i would keep donate to ppl that steal my gameplay over and over again. I demand same service as americans that have maintenance in nighttime , especially when you guys seem to mess it up over and over again , unexpected downtimes mostly in euro primetime , like last week 9 h , i still got any official responds. Screw u , screw ur company , screw lame stupid egocentered americans and their over rated game. If u think i forget the 9 h cause you now try to eas us with only 2h downtime , u still steal from us.

Ps. : for all ppl yelling give them slack , this and that , **** idiots it's not ur mother you so used to suck up , grow some balls , we payed for same service , so maintenance in nighttime for europe , till then i will not prolong my subscription.