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I think plausibly that it's more a community issue than a 'we need an halfway point' issue, personally.

I have run very few operations. Just don't interact enough to know any serious raiding guilds. The few times I have, it was kind of nice (just the other day I backfilled for a guild's healer in SM EV).

But those are pretty much exceptions. I have had a GF FP shut down because the others were in a guild, that was starting an op. And then, they invited me to join to make up for it, only to immediately turn around and say "No, wait, there's a guild member who wants the spot instead, get out". After I had blown the emergency fleet pass.

The risks are too high, and the rewards too low, for guilds to take a chance and invite random people in to join them.

I could go into a long explanation of just what I think is wrong with the whole thing, but it could very easily show off my lack of experience in operations. It feels like the only way I could ever get to experience them would be if they make a way for me to use my legacy to have all of my alts join me on an operation.
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