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Ok title might be bit misleading..
What I'm looking at a lot of people on the server trying to get to see new endgame content are often looking for a group finder spot, they may not be in a guild or the guild doesn't have enough online people for a ops themselves.

Now I like the feature to use GF for this but there is often a catch that comes with it and often a pug op will fall apart due to a wipe or two cause some people or most just don't know the fights (most of us has seen this) and its often hard to find enough tanks to refill if they leave etc... We all also have seen people looking for healers, dps and tanks (rare breed) but often if not always they ask for them to know the fights.. of course it rules out a fair deal of players.

Now my suggestion is pretty simple, make these ops into 4 man tier 2 flashpoints, kind of like how lost island was versus the other 50 Hardmodes at the time.
1. Keep the mechanics as much as possible (good trainer for new players to be better in 8/16 man ops)
2. Difficulty level.. Hardmode of course only option. The tweak will of course take some thinking but I can see to be able to do it well a 50/50 mix of 66/69 gear would be needed (much same as for regular SnV/TfB SM/HM's). They should be tougher then a 55 HM but bit under or at par with SM 55 Ops just tuned for 4 people.
3. Drops.. I guess as further you can get the better the rewards in the op. Let maybe the final boss drop 72/75 piece and rest 69/72 depending on amount of bosses in the operation.

What's the advantages? well its easier to find 4 people for this (note this is a reason Bioware themselves used to remove the ranked 8 man from pvp in 2.4) and people would be better prepared for 8/16 man SM/HM ops in group finder. I can see this helping the player community cause we'll get a more competent player base and less frustration.

Of course this is just a suggestion but if Bioware really cares bout their players why not take a serious thought about it? Its more content for MORE endgame players, more rewards and its already in the game (more or less)...