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09.10.2013 , 07:10 PM | #5
On a similar note, I think they should make Nightmare modes of the "classic" flashpoints for lvl 55's. False Emperor, Battle of Ilum, Directive 7 etc.

Up until 2.0, doing the hard mode versions of those flashpoints yielded you the same level gear as the story mode OPs of the time did (KP and EV in specific). Heck, by the end, you could even get a Rakata piece (HM gear form those OPS) from a 4 man flashpoint on hard mode (Lost Island).

It would be nice to have a way to get Arkanian gear without having to find 8+ person groups. At least on a pvp server, the current 8 person story mode ops you can Q for via group finder rarely (if ever) pop.