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The way you've spelt it, you ought to be pronouncing it "Raveen." That letter on the end is what they called the "magic E" when I was in primary school, as it changes the vowel sound of the syllable.

But then again, it's your made-up name, it's up to you how to pronounce it.
Well, I originally wanted to go with plain old "Raven", but I couldn't. Not because it was already taken mind you, but because the name was blocked, like when you try to name your character "Anakin" or some other super-iconic name from the movies; the game wouldn't let me. Not sure why though. Fear they might get sued by DC Comics or some other company who owns a character named "Raven"?

The analogy to "Ravine" had already crossed my mind, but that ended up sounding somewhat dumb in my head. I think I'll stick to "Rah-VENN", as in similiar to the "reven" in "revenge", except with an "a" instead of the first "e", of course.
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