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Becauese this change MIGHT make it so that using the revamped OS/XS single target, WITHOUT the 2-pc pvp bonus as Hybrid will be a DPS loss compared to just sticking with your single target rotation..on a single target boss fight. Not sure for MM.. would need some math/parses... If you do get the extra OS/XS you'd have to sacrifice 4 PVE armorings (Mainstat loss) on top of the revamped OS/XS that they proposed.

Engineering has buffs to Orbital Strike +15% dmg +30% surge that still (possibly) makes the ~2.5 second cast worth it. They also said Engineering is FAR from how they want it to be so it's just a waiting game for us till they give us more info.
I don't see how dude.
First, we will be lowering the effectiveness of XS Freighter Flyby/Orbital Strike by reducing some combination of its cooldown, activation time, and energy cost. Then we will rescore the damage it does. This will allow it to be used more easily and more often, but it will deal less damage per use.

If they do that then it's nothing but a nerf. Now if they do changes to the engineering tree at the same time...ok that's worth waiting for more information before making a judgement but if not and we have to wait for what...2.5/2.6 to balance our tree then it's nothing but a bigger nerf for engineering snipers than marksman or lethality.

The pvp 4 piece 2 piece bonus thing sure, it should always have been the 4 pc bonus not 2pc but that's it. Why should the engineering snipers suffer just because the other specs use it in their rotations? Bearing in mind you are referring to pve I'm referring to pvp.
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