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So how do they nerf it for snipers without nerfing it for engineering snipers as well? We're still going to be effected by the same changes....unless they change the engineering tree to compensate.
Becauese this change MIGHT make it so that using the revamped OS/XS single target, WITHOUT the 2-pc pvp bonus as Hybrid will be a DPS loss compared to just sticking with your single target rotation..on a single target boss fight. Not sure for MM.. would need some math/parses... If you do get the extra OS/XS you'd have to sacrifice 4 PVE armorings (Mainstat loss) on top of the revamped OS/XS that they proposed.

Engineering has buffs to Orbital Strike +15% dmg +30% surge that still (possibly) makes the ~2.5 second cast worth it. They also said Engineering is FAR from how they want it to be so it's just a waiting game for us till they give us more info.
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