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i think you're misunderstanding the intent of the nerf.

it will still be very viable as an aoe skill, but not so much as a single-target (except for engineer/saboteur), which is really what they've intended all along, but obviously hasn't ever really been the case.
And it also has the (un?)intended side-effect of "forcing" OS/XS to not be used rotationally in some specs. Recall

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
That said, we are not completely satisfied with Lethality at the moment. We specifically donít like that using Orbital Strike and Explosive Probe rotationally as a Lethality Sniper (the Hybrid spec) increases your single target damage, but thatís more of a problem with Orbital Strike and Explosive Probe than Lethality.

While all of this is less than ideal, making changes to Explosive Probe and Orbital Strike could have negative effects on the other Sniper specializations, so it isnít likely that you will see changes for this anytime soon. But we will certainly be addressing these issues at some point in the future.
I think this is it. >_<;

Lower the cooldown/energy cost/activation time of OS/XS
Lower its damage
DPS loss if you use it single target
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