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09.10.2013 , 01:02 PM | #129
Good move. Really, RotHC is getting old so Subscribers having it for free is really good and gives others incentive to subscribe. As a matter of fact, I subscribed last month for the exact same reason - to get RotHC (better deal to have sub+RotHC than just RotHC). I can see why the people who bought the expansion early might be pissed off by the lack of rewards, but seriosly, if you bought it 5-6 months ago, why should you be pissed that it is becoming sub perk? I mean, purchasing it like 1-2 weeks before it went free would have been extremely annoying, since almost anyone would have prefered to wait for such a short time and save some money. However I doubt any of the early adopters would have preferred to stay restricted to lvl 50 and practically half of the content for 6 months to wait for free expansion.