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You got a statue, you got 6 months of entertainment. Is that not what you wanted when you purchased it?

Dude, stop acting entitled to everything under the sun. You paid for the content and you got it, you got 6 months of being entertained. If you weren't entertained you could've left 5 months ago, but it seems like you were since you stayed so I'm going to assume you got what you paid for too.
Im not acting entitled to everything under the sun. All im saying is the people getting ready to buy it or got it last month get free coins, and the people " like me" that bought it earlie on get a silly title? The same people that are just now getting the expansion are getting treated better, and will have access to the same content as I do. Your logic is still flawed. Please explain to me why a late comer should get free coins, and a loyal subscriber gets a title and thats it? Makes no sense to me when the same later comers will prob be entertained as well, and for your information, I was bored of this game 6 months ago, and im also pretty tired of their lies and BS. The only reason I even stick around is because I have 350 guild members that enjoy it, and I like hanging around them, so yeah im here for the people, not EA and this bus load of crap. Nice assuption on your part pal

P.S How much does EA pay you to troll unhappy customers?
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