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Except they won't. Because they'll run out of content and cave seeing everyone in new gear, with a higher level and they'll buy it.

They get 1050 coins for recently buying something that's going free in 2 days. Your perk was 6 months of new content.

Really people, this only affects people just joining(Or those who have joined in the last month). Stop complaining because you didn't get something, this will only benefit people that got this game 6 months ago.

Dude, get off the 'Bioware Defence Force' already. I also find your logic extreamly flawed and heres why. So what if they are JUST NOW buying the expansion. So what if some of us bought it back 6 months ago and supported them. Its still a slap to the face for those of us that paid for this, and now some others are getting it for free of charge? IMHO they need to give those 1050 CC to everyone that paid 10 bucks for the expansion and call it a day. And BTW my perk was not new content dude, we had to PAY for it, and now some folks are getting a free ride just for waiting it out or being late comers? Now I have no issues with them doing that for new folks, but don't crap on your loyal fanbase that supported you either, take care of them!
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