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09.10.2013 , 12:15 PM | #21
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My first thought is that the title is really lackluster.

My second was that they really don't owe us anything and its nice to get something at all.

But my third thought is pretty much the same as yours 'a title, really?' Honestly they might as well have just given us nothing.

My fourth thought is: 'wait, why are people that are buying the expansion 6 months late getting CCs and I, a loyal customer who preordered it, am not?'

Sigh. Oh well, its really not worth getting annoyed about.
you got to do the expansion for 6 months, get a lvl 55 character and all the perks, probably several characters.
wheres the new people (like myself ) bought it less then a month ago and probably haven't even had a chance to even use it yet (my highest character is 42) and to have it now free less then a month later was a waste of $10,
i feel that giving me the $10 amount of cartel coins to offset my purchase of the expansion is appropriate (it's within the 30 day return policy that 99% of stores these days have after all ) look at it like you paid $10 for a 5 month head start above everybody else.

also, question to devs: what happens if/when my subscription runs out? do i lose access to the hutt cartel?

edit: butt hurt early subscribers who want cartel coins to offset 5 months worth of entertainment make me lol at their logic.
i'll give you my 1050 cartel coins if you give me 5 months of overtime at my job