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This is the point that needs to be addressed. Granted Bioware doesn't owe us anything. However, rewarding the recent (late) purchases while completely ignoring the loyal customers who preordered on day #1 is not a smart move. It antagonizes the customers and whenever another expansion is released they will most likely not pre-order and wait and see what happens...

My simple suggestion: Give the1050CC to everyone who purchased RoTHC.
Makes perfect sense to me, they just bought it and its now free. Usually things come with money back guarantees for short periods. You had the expansion for 6 months and could get a head start on everything. None of this really affects you if you bought it 6 months ago. The only thing you'll see is more people that are level 55 and you can play with. Is that SO bad?

f you were ever going to offer this up for free, you should have said as much before. In essence, everyone who bought RotHC before the day after tomorrow (not to mention those of us who pre-ordered it in December) just bought 5 months of early access. Even if you didn't know the exact date of when this was going free, you should have been up front with your customers and let us know that eventually it would become free.

I believe everyone who bought RotHC before it becomes free would be more deserving of that 1050 Cartel Coins. Who is going to buy it now anyway if it's going F2P in two days?

I'll take what I can get (in this case a title to my already miles long list of useless titles) but once again, I'm thoroughly disappointed with how Bioware handles its customers.
Do you HONESTLY think they thought they'd be giving it away for free 6 months ago? Do you also think they planned to make this game f2p? They're changes made for the better and to keep the game alive. If you want a dead game then yeah, make everyone pay. If you don't then why are you complaining about something that doesn't affect you?