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The dragon itself has no cleave, but this part is very healing intensive, and took my raid group a few tries to be able to heal through it. I would recommend popping a sniper bubble if you have one and everyone else should pop a cd. My group fights the dragon at the wall to prep for styrak. I do not think it matters where you fight the dragon as I have fought him next to styrak and at the wall. I dont want to be an elitist, but a lot of people claim the fights fights are bugged, but for the most part mechanics are usually missed.
That is what I am trying to find out, I believe we may have missed a mechanic. I just do not know which one. My original premise is still that the dragon is hitting almost 6k/s when smashing which is tearing through our raid. The guides suggest this should be about 2k/s which is much more manageable, I was doing 3.7k HPS on this fight. My only guess is we missed a mechanic that applies a party wide dmg reduction or something. The numbers we are seeing just are not what is seen on other videos. Even in NM difficulty these numbers seem extreme, my other guess is a hidden enrage but again this assumes we missed a mechanic. I am just trying to find out which one we missed.

As stated in the Olok fight we also had a couple of pulls where the Artillery droids on the front row were hitting us for 40k, the only way we got around that was resetting the phase and inviting the person who didn't progress as far as the rest of the raid only when we were all in.

Styrak was not enraged at least to the best of my knowledge.
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