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Yep we were doing this.....just wondering if the rest of the raid needs to be behind the dragon, in front or what??? From the guides I have seen it is suggested that the raid stay close to Styrak as the further the raid is away from Styrak the more damage the dragon does but we tried a few times and this didn't seem to nullify the massive AOE damage we were experiencing.
The dragon itself has no cleave, but this part is very healing intensive, and took my raid group a few tries to be able to heal through it. I would recommend popping a sniper bubble if you have one and everyone else should pop a cd. My group fights the dragon at the wall to prep for styrak. I do not think it matters where you fight the dragon as I have fought him next to styrak and at the wall. I dont want to be an elitist, but a lot of people claim the fights fights are bugged, but for the most part mechanics are usually missed.

one other thing, when you were checking for enrage, you need to see if styrak himself is enraged, if he is enraged the dragon itself will do a lot more damage.
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