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09.09.2013 , 01:16 PM | #1
When i log into the game, after character selection, my latency grow up to 16k and more.
Here is pathping and tracer:



i have already flush the DNS with no result, anything else i can do? Thanks

Here is my pingplotter image:
as you can see my latency is near to 112ms on avarage, but here is my latency in game
as you can see is 65k!!

- sometimes i get 9000 error and i get disconnected
- in my my router page if i opens swtor i have 0bit/sec in download
- this occur only with swtor in game, because i just download the patch at 600kb/sec or i can use any other page/download... but when log in into swtor i get often 0bit/sec
- this problem occur on two different pc with the same connection
- this problem only occur with my account, my girlfriend don't have any problem

- i have a big jitter only with swtor and during character login.
- the problem occur often, but sometimes i can log and play well. The ratio is 2/10 2 time i can log in fine, the other 8 no.
- Sometimes i can log in into the game, but if i click something in the game, the connection speed drop to 0bit/sec and start lagging to 60k of latency and more. After "loading" the thing i click, the download rate grow up to the normal rate and the latency drop. If i reclick the download rate drop again and i start to have big latency.

The problem occur ONLY with all my character on The red eclipse where i have all my MAIN.


- If i click the cartel market into the red eclipse i start to have latency (connection drop to 0bit/sec and latency up to 68k)
- if i click the cartel market into the progenitor i have NO LATENCY (connection is up to 168KB/sec and latency near 100)

please i need help.
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