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My level 24 guardian has no aoe threat, no aoe taunt absolutely nothing. I will guard the healer because when I leap in 5 mobs and do my thing, if I lose aggro, the first one to be butchered is the healer. So reducing his threat by 25% is something to my advantage.

At endgame, tanked all content in both 8 and 16, I will of course put the guard on the highest damage dealer on bosses and back on healer on trash. Tanking 101 I am afraid. I also saw a post here saying that if you guard someone at Kephess, during the dreadguard bomb, as a tank you take some of the damage. This is not correct. Damage reflected within 15 meters is a pure pvp tribute of the guard mechanic. The exception in PVE where damage gets redirect is, of course, environment damage received while guarding that person. This is redirected, mob and boss damage is not. Run a test, let someone who is guarded get aggro and see if you share the damage. You will not.

Furthermore, in PVE guard has a 30m effect to lower threat and not a 15 m effect. I ran some tests at The final boss in TFB and this proved the case. Yogi and BooBoo also are a good example when back in the days guarding a ranged damage dealer and you , as tank, moving to 30m would still keep his threat lower.