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If you have enough gatherers...
Synt/Armor = augments (& possibly kits if you have CT for cheap kit components).
GTN is flooded with CM orange shells, maybe one only crafted I use - SI chest (black, hood down).
CyberTech - armorings, mods & ears (all classes), droid equipment (best way to make mk-9 kits is via droid parts that take 2,2,2 410-450 scavenging mats) blue or moddable... maybe better to begin with that.
Artifice - hilts & enhancements.
Biochem - reusables on this char (shine on tanks till NiM), med-packs, stims & adrenals for sale/other chars, implants.
Armstech - barrels & augments.

So get CT first, get good stacks of mats from scavenging, many middle level blue armorings & mods sells well.
Artifice next - middle level tanking or high power enhancements... might/resolve hilts also (check commendation vendors for gaps on those - they mostly have guardian/force wielder).
Legacy armor set = any end game drop could extract arm/mod/enh & RE for schematic.
Armor/Synt - depend on companion + crit (Tano Vik for example have +5% on Armor) - last night I got 8 augments from 5 queued (10000 affection & legacy of crafting), before that 7 kits from 5 queued.

If you going to PUG or even guild HM FPs/SM OPS tanking - use Bio on this char - 2 more CDs without price are worth enough in long time.

Arms - seem as going last ... worth to have barrels & some augment but not as first choice in your case.
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