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What I find mind boggling is the amount of tank's esp PT's the pull with the AoE taunt. Now like I said I've only tanked since launch so, I assumed other tanks knew how to play. Well they don't. Almost every PT I've seen will open with Explosive dart then aoe taunt and Jet Charge in, if I choose to drop and Orbital Strike, anything that's not dead turns to me.

So tank's here is a pro tip- Before blowing your AoE taunts leap/sprint in get 3-4 Aoe abilities that hit all the mobs then use your AoE taunt, please and thank you.(for a PT it'd be Jet Charge>Rocket Punch(gold/elite target)>Flame Sweep>Flame Sweep> Rail Shot> Flame Thrower(pref. procced)>Aoe Taunt) . My sniper is squishy and my agro drop doesn't always help
I don't disagree but as a functional matter, groups like to cc and they like to cc enemies with specific names on trash pulls, rather than the enemies on the farthest left or farthest right. That's where the aggro situation starts going south as a tank. Try vanguard tanking without ES, SG, and MV or shadow tanking without Force Breach and Force Push. I think earlier on, tanks in the know should have been pushing back against excessive cc use.