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I find this hilarious, I've played all three tanks since launch. Just started 55 on my Sniper a few weeks ago. Now that i'm 2/3's 72's I laugh every single FP the tank gaurds the healer and I'm tanking the mobs the whole FP. Hell I kited Kephess SM in TFB in the first phase one week cause the tank was clueless.

Tanks put your guard on a DPS. The majority of tanks are terrible, esp. in GF. I use FP's and SM OPS to practice agro generation. Typically in these I wont use taunts or guard just to make myself better. Only twice in about 2 months of pugging on 2 tanks in FP's and SM Ops I've honestly had to use a guard cause the DPS knew how to play.

What I find mind boggling is the amount of tank's esp PT's the pull with the AoE taunt. Now like I said I've only tanked since launch so, I assumed other tanks knew how to play. Well they don't. Almost every PT I've seen will open with Explosive dart then aoe taunt and Jet Charge in, if I choose to drop and Orbital Strike, anything that's not dead turns to me.

So tank's here is a pro tip- Before blowing your AoE taunts leap/sprint in get 3-4 Aoe abilities that hit all the mobs then use your AoE taunt, please and thank you.(for a PT it'd be Jet Charge>Rocket Punch(gold/elite target)>Flame Sweep>Flame Sweep> Rail Shot> Flame Thrower(pref. procced)>Aoe Taunt) . My sniper is squishy and my agro drop doesn't always help