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If you want to make money, just get 3 gatherer skills (bioanalysis / scavenging / slicing) and sell the mats.
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If you have no risen skills - gathering ones (and Slicing for boxes till 400) is easy way to get credits.
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I've so far been using gathering skills and mission skills to set up a steady flow of income. .
Hey guys, thank you for your insightful replies. I was looking for a crafting profession to "expand my experience". I quite enjoy making a challenge of it and trying to turn it into a profit. Obviously I know it costs credits, but I already have alot of "gatherers" which you might have known if you read the first line of text in my post.

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I have a sythnweaver and I do very nice on making the agument tools and aguments.
Thank you! I was actually kind of torn between Synthweaving and Artifice, I prefer playing force-users so thought something like that would be nice.
Also cant hurt to make moddable gear, should bring something while skilling up the prof right?

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