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09.09.2013 , 07:38 AM | #15
I would just like to point out that in lowbie flashpoints as a healer I always insist on getting guard from the tank. For 2 reasons.

1. The tank is usually not highly skilled and/or does not have all of their proper abilities necessary to control the pulls throughout the FP. Thus chaos ensues and as a healer I inevitably have to fend off adds for myself, lowering my ability to heal.

2. The DPS in the group are not generally high quality players. Most often they are f2p and have no idea who to target first (always going for the toughest opponents, instead of the weakest first) or just don't have a good grasp of their new toon.

Being a skilled healer, I generally am able to heal smoothly enough to DPS as well. When the tank is not controlling the FP and the DPS are both focusing the Champion in the group, all eyes turn to the healer. And the worst part is no one seems to notice or care. For those reasons I would always recommend guarding your healer from the beginning, and only switching guard if a DPS proves to be competent enough to steal aggro. It's a l2p issue no doubt, but guarding your healer can ease that pain while your frustration builds behind your mediocre group.

I would also argue that this is the proper form in 55 FP's especially if you don't know the other players you get matched with. But I would hope by 55 as a DPS you understand proper kill orders.