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I agree with most of your post, except this part:
I don't want to start a flame-war here, but if this is true then they are lousy DPS and / or you have a huge gear advantage. Try that with any competent DPS, and they'll rip aggro off you after 6 seconds.
Its ok
I dont know about the dps output, my friend was on a gunslinger alt. I was tanking with abradram (fully 72 kitted with setbonus). I always go stand up the boxes to rangetank the fight. I spam my ranged abilities and harpoon. I also taunt off cd. These taunts make sure that I get a headstart.

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I've never heard of that tactics before. Can you explain it further? Which tank guards the other? The one starting on Ciphas guards the Kelsara tank? (I am really curious about this).
Basicly you should guard the tank who starts on Ciphas. He will tank Kelsara for the longest period of time.

We run TfB NiM with 2 vanguard tanks. Heres what we do currently:
- I start off the fight on Ciphas while my friend starts on Kelsara.
- I storm+stockstrike Ciphas and then turn to dps Heirad
- I tank Ciphas for about 10 seconds, Ciphas will jump to mid and I (AoE)taunt over Kelsara
- After about 25 seconds tanking Kelsara the 1st lightningfield occurs
- after the field I taunt Ciphas again

Lightningfield positions are fixed for the tanks and we let the bosses come to us.

What we also do is kiting Kelsara. If you are fast enough you will not receive any melee attacks nor voltalic slashes. PvP'ing and kiting marauders and juggs pays off here :P
Last try i used the hybrid spec (basicly full tactics in tankstance) for 30% AoE damage reduction. This also seems to work well.

I know that healers and dps also are taking a ******** of damage. Our parses however showed that 50% of all damage taken was tankdamage.
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